Fundamentals of Shooting On The Move

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I'm a paragraph. I'm connected to your collection through a dataset. To update me, go to the Data ManagerAll you have to do is watch the dash cam videos of law enforcement traffic stops to realize that when bullets start flying, no one is standing still. The static range training most people do is great for building fundamentals, but don’t think that is where combat marksmanship begins and ends. Simply put, you have to develop a skill set that allows you to shoot on the move effectively and practice it often. Your life may very well depend on it Shooting on the move as advanced as it may sound…simply put it is the ability to walk, jog, run, jump, crawl etc while being able to carry out a task. BUT for some strange reason we can walk and chew gum, walk and text, walk and talk, we can do just about everything and move while we are doing it….EXCEPT when a firearm is placed in our hands we develop “cement feet syndrome”; that is we place our finger on the trigger and freeze! This is a deadly syndrome as you become a “sitting duck” you become the “X” in which you’ve been trying to hit at the range and guess what just like the X you are not moving!!! This class emphasizes the importance of shooting and moving, along with shooting on the move and teaches the basic-dynamic fundamentals Cost: $199.00 per person

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