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3-D Martial Arts & Tactical Defense is a

Mixed Martial Arts, and Firearms Training School


We are a full-spectrum 3D defense training school. We offer tactical handgun, rifle, and hand-to-hand combat training. We also teach the "Ultimate" Martial Arts Self Defense Systems, our base is Jun Fan (Bruce Lee’s) Jeet Kune Do or JKD and Jiu-Jitsu-Self Defense Combatives. We train all ages, beginners to experts, law enforcement, and military, churches & businesses. We are headquartered in North Texas, but take our training around the country. 


Our firearms training school is dedicated to the American Republic, its Founding Fathers and principles, to our students, who have inherited that birthright of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. We believe that self-defense is a God-given natural right, inalienable, and absolute. We believe in the principles of the Declaration of Independence, limited government as expressed by our Constitution, and an armed society of free citizens as expressed in our Bill of Rights. 


Training includes but is not limited to: Multiple weapons systems, officer and civilian survival tactics, defense against edged weapons, hand-to-hand combat, mixed martial arts, active shooter response, and weapons retention on ground combatives. Come and get the basic principles, or take the training to wherever you want to take our innovative reality training to best prepare you, to win the fight!




LARRY "The Black Bearded Cowboy": Teacher, Trainer, Co-founder, and Owner


Larry is a Former Gang Unit, SWAT/K9 Officer and specializes in Close Quarter Combat, and Tactical Firearms instruction. Larry Stevenson AKA "The Bearded Black Cowboy" is a resounding community and national voice, preacher, teacher and motivational speaker; specializing and being sought after to speak on the topics of community, police, faith, family, fatherhood, U.S. Constitution Amendments 1 & 2, American History and leadership beyond color.


Larry is considered amongst his peers as "a teacher's-teacher" or simply put SiGung, a Chinese term meaning, "a master's master." A multiple-time State, National and International  Champion in bare-knuckle full-contact, no pads-no gloves Karate competitions. Larry is a full-contact (bare-knuckle) kick-boxing, international kick-boxing, professional boxing and mixed martial arts Champion and Coach.  Larry trained, earned, and received his JKD Black Belt under the living legend of MMA; Master Clarence Thatch.


  Larry’s partial tactical resumes includes but is not limited to:

  • Former Police Officer

  • Former Gang Unit Officer

  • Former SWAT/K-9 Officer

  • Officer Survival Skills Trainer

  • Counter Terrorism Education Learning Lab Instructor 

  • Verbal Deescalation and Tactical Communications Trainer

  • 1994 First to introduce and train a major metropolitan police department (Denver Police Department) to Ground Fighting Techniques Utilizing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, while combining Robert Koga arrest control techniques both on compliant and resistant individuals.

  • Expert at Close Quarters Combat Survival techniques

  • Defense Against Edged Weapons Trainer

  • Specializes is Weapons Retention and Weapons Access

  • Specializes in Drawing and Accessing Weapon (handgun) from Unorthodox Positions

  • Specializes in In-Fight Access, Control and Retention of Weapons

  • Specializes in Active Shooter Response with a niche in: Empty Hand Weapons and Suspect Forced Malfunction and Subduing Techniques

  • Specializes in Hostage and Abduction escape survival techniques 

  • Former Battleline Tactical Instructor 

  • Co-Owner with his wife of 3D Martial Arts & Tactical Defense School

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