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"The best defense against evil people,

is good people skilled at


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Fort Worth, Texas Church Shooting

Fort Worth, Texas Church Shooting

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7 Church Members Armed

7 Church Members Armed

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Churches & Synagogues are primarily thought of (and most are) as "soft targets." 


With attacks on Churches & Synagogues increasing

rapidly, worldwide; 

The number of churches without a trained security team, and plan in place, is alarming!

Having a trained security team in place is vital for the safety of both the Pastor, and Congregation... a few untrained guys in the pews with guns, assuring you they know what they're doing, is not a safe or effective security plan, or team.


3-D provides affordable on-site training and safety workshops. We can help you not only put an emergency security plan in place, but make sure your security team is properly trained. If you don't currently have a security team, we can help you create one. 

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Advanced, Intermediate and Basic Active Shooter Response Training
Knowing one training package doesn't fit all. We customize training t0 fit your churches current needs.

3-D Martial Arts & Tactical Defense’s

“Body of Christ Survival Skills” - Active Shooter Response Class.

This is a high intensity course designed to teach you how to respond, should you ever find yourself in an active shooter situation.

Advanced, Intermediate, and Basic Active Shooter Response Training, Scenario Based Training, Range-Live Fire Exercises, & Firearms education beyond a concealed carry and/license to carry permit.

This course will teach students the criteria for use of deadly force, how to move through buildings using cover and concealment, break down the RUN, HIDE, and FIGHT process and explore alternative options to response, such as DEFEND, RESPOND, RESCUE, ESCAPE. How to engage threats with different weapons including hand to hand, edged weapon, and blunt object.  Basic first aid will be taught and students will learn how to apply several different tourniquets. 


The above video shows  the need for  training  in several different ares.  Can you identify which areas?

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